Combo of Woven Roving
and Choped Strand Mat
It is combo mat that use polyester thread to stitch with woven roving and
chopped strand mat. It is raw material of FRP sheet and yacht.
Width: 1.27m or 2.5m
Weight per roll: 60kg or 80kg
GSM: 950g/m2(500g woven roving + 450g CSM)
1050g/m2 (600g woven roving + 450g CSM)
1250g/m2(800g woven roving +450g CSM)
Other special area weight can be discussed and supplied.
One 20’GP can load 168 cartons packed with 16 pallets, total 10080kgs as
per customer’s requirements

0/90 Biaxail Fabric Composite
with Polyester
It is product that add one layer polyester on the back of 0/90 biaxial
fabric. This is to meet the special requirement of modern industry when
producing FRP products.
The finished product is 1000g/m2 and width is 1.27m.
Weight: 60~80kg/roll
Spec.: 0/90 biaxial fabric is 900g/m2 and polyester is 100g/m2
Fiberglas PE non-woven combo mat
It is the new product for roofing and underground waterproof project and
making bitumen waterproof roll material. Adding 280 threads of fiberglass
roving in warp and 230 threads of fiberglass roving in weft on PE nonwoven
fabric, it is made PE non-woven mat with 75g/m2, so the tensile
strength can be 260N in warp and 210N in weft.
It has better tensile strength than normal roofing tissue, but with low
GSM: 75g/m2
Size: 1m x 1500m/roll
One 40’HQ load 115 rolls, 172500m2

Core Combination Mat
It is the multi-layered combination mat .It consists of a PP core
sandwiched between chopped glass fibers and stitch together, which is
used for boat making. As usual, the area weight of PP core is 150g/m2 or
250g/m2 and area weight of chopped glass fibers is 300g/m2, 450g/m2 or
Width: 1.2m
Roll weight: 30kg ~ 60kg/roll
Area weight:
780g/m2 (300/180/300), 1080g/m2 (450/180/450),
1380g/m2 (600/180/600), 850g/m2 (300/250/300),
1150g/m2 (450/250/450) 1450g/m2 (600/250/600.


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