Carbon Foam

Carbon Foam

Other description: RVC (Reticulated Citreous Carbon)

1. Features
- Open cell ratio >99%
- High strength to weight ratio
- Low resistivity
- Carbon content >98%
- Cell size is per customers’ requests.
- Metallic coating is available on the surface of carbon foam

2. Application:

a) Electrochemistry
Carbon foam(RVC) is another form of carbon, and it is a very ideal electrochemical electrode material.

Almost all the batteries are using the carbon in different form, but our carbon foam(RVC), besides the common advantage of carbon material, also is with some special features:

- High specific surface area
- High electrical conductivity and strength
- With metallic coating as composite material(For example, nickel)
- Lower costs


b) Thermal conductivity

Compared to the copper and aluminium as heat dissipation materials, the carbon foam(RVC) has its special advantages, such as high thermal conductivity, low weight and easy machinability. The 3 dimensional reticulated structure of carbon foam(RVC) is the key point to the high thermal conductivity.



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